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Our Authenticity Assurance at JEWELNJOY.COM 

We recognize that ensuring the authenticity of your purchase is paramount when engaging in online shopping. When you choose to make a purchase on, you can be confident in the following aspects: Every product we offer is NEW and will precisely match the provided description. Your shopping experience is anchored in a well-established and respected store with a 39-year history, firmly grounded in principles of morality, ethics, and values.


    Rest assured that our team of gemologists at diligently verifies the authenticity of all our products. For added peace of mind, you have the option to purchase a certificate from a reputable independent laboratory.

    YOU CAN ORDER CERTIFICATE ALONG WITH YOUR PURCHASE OR REQUEST AFTER YOUR ORDERE IS PLACED BUT BEFORE SHIPPED. This is particularly advisable for higher-value jewelry purchases. These certificates offer detailed insights into the product's attributes including cut, shape, weight, dimensions, and color. Furthermore, we can supply an image of the product upon request, providing visual proof of its authenticity.

    We partnered with renowned gemological laboratories, which include GIA, AGIL, IGI, AGL, ICI and more. 

    Certificates are available upon request for every item you order from JEWELNJOY. While there is an associated certification cost, this ensures a comprehensive validation of both our products and services. Simply indicate your certification preference during the ordering process.

    Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we are dedicated to upholding the trust you place in us. 

    Note: The certification includes specific terminology provided by the laboratory to ensure safety compliance. This does not indicate any issues with the product. Occasionally, certain products, such as those with small diamond pieces, might not be eligible for certification by the laboratory. In such instances, we can exclusively create our own certificate.

    Your satisfaction is our priority.

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