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Determine your Ring Size?

07/06/2023 | Rajesh Laddha

Before purchasing a ring whether for yourself or someone else, you need to determine the correct ring size. The size of a finger is typically recorded in millimeters as to be precise as possible. Because of this, ring sizes are usually shown with a matching millimeter finger size.

Matching these measurements to the closest degree is the best way to determine your ring size.Before beginning your search, you need to know how to find ring size, also ensure it will not fall off during everyday wear. Although having a jeweler measure your finger may relieve any doubts you have, it is always best to have an understanding for yourself too.Men and women tend to vary greatly in standard ring sizes.

The average ring size of a woman is between six and eight, while the average size of a man’s is between nine and eleven. However, that does not mean you will necessarily fall into these parameters. Many people live outside the average ring size.If you do not want the ring to fall off, or worse, not slide on her finger during the proposal, you should obtain a more accurate measurement.

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